Breed A Winning Racehorse

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Product Name: Breed A Winning Racehorse

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*AT LAST! A comprehensive guide book for beginners who Need to Know how to Breed a winning Racehorse from the word GO.

*THE THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS Essential: All those questions Answered .. and more in this easy to read and understand guide!

“A perfect filly thanks to all your experience & invaluable advice to make it all possible .. I can thoroughly recommend that you read this Book”

Here’s why this E book is regarded as the Number 1 Guide for breeding horses.

Mare with foal bred from one of our Hollylodge stallions


Here is the Proof from Hands on Experience Built over 15 Years of Breeding, Raising, Selling & Purchasing Thoroughbreds!

To: All horse lovers who feel their horse is worth that special care that it deserves when becoming pregnant and what to do to ensure it all comes out well.

From:  Chris Nevill – Thoroughbred breeder and horse lover.

Dear Fellow Horse Lover and Enthusiast,


I am thinking of buying a horse property, what do I need to KNOW?

How do I get into the Thoroughbred Industry?

Where do I start when purchasing a MARE?

What stallion should I send my mare to?

I am worried about the safety of my mare throughout her pregnancy and I’m not sure what to do when the foal is about to arrive?

Do I SELL my Yearling or RACE it?

What Trainer Do I need to use?

How does Syndication work?

You must know these steps TO ENSURE YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT; it’s not Guesswork Learn from my E Book and Keep it with you at all times.

Providing Overwhelming value to you my experience will take you on that journey to SUCCESS breeding your first Winning Racehorse.

Ensure that YOU STAND OUT IN THE CROWD when your Racehorse passes the post first DON’T be left wondering what went wrong.

Buy My E Book and improve your chances of breeding YOUR WINNER.

Everyone has to start somewhere but you DON’T want to start at the bottom by making mistakes – You CAN have that first time advantage of knowing the steps that must be taken in Breeding Thoroughbreds by using my HANDS ON KNOWLEDGE from my E Book.


It’s a glamorous industry and I am passionate about my role in it, I started with a property and one mare and although I was an experienced horse rider and lover I had never bred a thoroughbred racehorse.

Having neighbours on both sides that bred racehorses got me thinking it can’t be that hard to breed a Winning Racehorse and you know it wasn’t because the first horse I ever bred was a city winner.

PRETTY GOOD … for a girl who had never bred a horse let alone a Racehorse.

To date I have now bred 31 winning Racehorses and what I have learnt along the way is invaluable.


So many things I didn’t know and had to learn BUT there was really no one I could turn to and ask advice back then. Everything I learnt was hands on of course there were Books and Videos out there but there was no one information book that I could have relied on just a basic guide which would have helped eliminate future mistakes along the journey. HOW VALUABLE would it be to have a book like that on hand?

WELL NOW YOU CAN HAVE MY E BOOK written from years of Experience.

Introducing the simple eBook that could make all the difference for you and your venture into breeding and racing thoroughbreds …

We wanted you to know how much we appreciated your assistance and the regular information and emails are of a tremendous help to anyone who needs a foster mare.

B & J. McKnight (breeder) Vic.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that you are appreciated and respected.

You have certainly helped me too many times to mention and I value your expertise and judgement with horses.

Enjoy all those gorgeous little foals and mums that need you.

F. Nicholls, Owner/Breeder Vic.

City winner & Multiple Stakes placed Tuscany View bred by Hollylodge

Words can’t describe the intense feeling of pride that filled our hearts when we successfully bred our first winner then all the other winners who came along from our breeding experience…

Christine and the team at Hollylodge do a great job in every facet of Breeding, Raising and Racing Thoroughbreds.

Byron Rogers, Performance Genetics, LLC

Were you reading from my text book? Thanks for all your advice, gratefully received from someone with your experience.

Cheers, Pip Byrne (breeder) Vic


Hi Chris, finally and eventually I have won. Mare and foal out in the paddock “Happy as Larry” Many thanks for your thoughts and words of advice over the last 6 days.

Cheers, Pip Byrne (breeder) Vic

Just wanted to commend you for all the thought and work you have put into running the foster mare program, it is a fantastic contribution to the Thoroughbred Industry.

Well done, R. Langley (Board Member TBV) Vic

The information in my E book on mares & foals, & foaling down etc not only relates to breeding Thoroughbreds but can also be applied to any breed of horses.

Words can’t explain the intense feeling of pride that filled my heart when the first horse I ever bred won a city race. Call me crazy but I swear I it was the proudest moment of my career.

“If you only learn 5 things from my book then its 5 things you did not know before purchasing it”
“AND JUST TO INSPIRE YOU A LITTLE MORE WATCH THIS VIDEO” – Courtesy of my good friend Sharon L Chapman of Fast Track Photography

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Well Chris, It sounds like you’ve gone to a lot of trouble …How much is it all going to cost me?

Well that’s the best part – the price – to be honest with you, if I added up all of the hours and hard work that I have put into this book then I would have to charge you hundreds of dollars in labour time!

Let’s consider the savings you are going to make on your vet fees alone

John and I would like to express out immense gratitude to you for your assistance last Sunday in finding a surrogate mare for our foal.

Once again, thank you so much for your help.

J & C Murnane (breeder) Vic

Just letting you know about the wonderful outcome for my mare. The matching of our mare with an orphan foal had a very positive outcome after the disappointment at losing our little filly foal. Thanks very much for providing this site and information and keep up the good work.

H. Leonard (breeder) Vic.

So let’s just recap what you are going to get…

Everything You Need to Know
About How to Breed a Winning

101 Ways to Advertise Your
Business Online & Offline

Well done for all your efforts in finding foster mares to go with orphan foals for people. I congratulate you on your efforts. All the best.

Oops and One more thing ….

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